Affordable celebrations at Artful Arrangements,

where children are always welcome.

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Artful Arrangements was started in 2007 with a membership in Sonoma County Farm Trails. It is a nonprofit organization based in agriculture – the plants used in the living arrangement gifts are propagated on site. Proceeds from the sale of products and services benefit children and families and other aligned nonprofits (through gifting and affordable child-centered programs).

Raising children is not easy, and activities that strengthen families are what Artful Arrangements is all about. From the Homestead Tour & Planting Experience (perfect for intergenerational families) to Activities like painting Worry Stones or Bug Rocks, we emphasize that children remember the time you spend with them – and everything at Artful Arrangements is both affordable and down-to-earth, including the fun field trips that kids really dig!

The event venue, Homestead Gardens, opened in the fall of 2013. It is an outdoor gathering area on the Artful Arrangements Homestead. For weddings, it accommodates 80 guests seated at round tables (with champagne-colored cloths) on a heart-shaped lawn, plus 10 people in the wedding party. Amenities are: a raised ceremony alcove, a stage (for a DJ or ensemble), a dance floor, covered buffet area, caterer's prep area, beverage hut (with refrigerator), honoree gazebo, dessert table, gift table, receiving table, bridal room, groom changing area, smoking area (near restroom), assisted parking, convenient storage of the tables and chairs, a sound system, great night lighting, and a 10' high observation deck for the photographer. Homestead Amphitheater opened in 2015, and will easily seat 100. When there is no ceremony in the Gardens (if you used the Amphitheater or a church for the wedding), the Gardens can seat up to 100 guests for a reception.

Milestones in life (like weddings, renewing vows, birthday parties, memorials, anniversaries) are affordable at this 1915 working homestead in the Homestead Gardens. You won’t find value like this often in the wine country of Sonoma County.