Affordable celebrations at Artful Arrangements,

where children are always welcome.

$1,500 Full Celebration Set-Up

Let Coordinator Diane H. Davis know if you have any special needs, and

she will try to find a way to accommodate. On a tight budget? Plant arrangements may be borrowed for the raised ceremony alcove as seen

in the above picture, as well as a small one for each table. If your wedding is in a church, use the Gardens for up to 100 guests for $1,700.

Plan your wedding and reception in the beautiful gardens at this historic 1915 homestead - Artful Arrangements Homestead Gardens. This Full-Set-Up Package for up to 80 guests ($1,500) includes 10 five-foot-round tables with champagne-colored coverings and 80 chairs, additional seating at the honoree table for a wedding party of ten, 3 buffet tables, a gift table and a receiving table, the seven-foot cake/dessert table (all with coverings), and, of course, the Sound System, Bridal Room, Groom Changing Area, Observation Deck, Caterer's Prep Area, and the magical Night Lighting (no flames are allowed).

 On a Saturday* late afternoon (4pm or 5pm), you have hours of party time, with time before and after. Cleanup is afterward on Saturday night. You are responsible for removal of trash and recyclables. Set-up/rehearsal is Friday evening 6pm-8pm. Rented equipment may be removed as late as Monday. Liability insurance is required.

*Included in this package: assisted parking; laundry of the table coverings; help with storage of tables/chairs that evening; and you have the ability to arrange your own vendors for food, beverages, cake/desserts, music, tent (which must fit under the lighting), flowers, officiant, and photographer.

If you want a larger number of guests, use Homestead Amphitheater for the wedding (for up to 100 guests), and hold the reception (100 guests) in the Gardens for a cost of $2,500. Here's a thought: After the ceremony, arrange for a horse & carriage ride via the scenic route (while your guests walk the short distance from the Amphitheater to the Gardens), to be dropped off at your wedding celebration!