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Save time for fun!
by artful on 

Check this out.  Secret rock writing! You won't believe how much fun this creative activity is. Bring a friend, or your child. Sunday, March 24th, 10am to Noon. Dream up your own words of wisdom, paint them on a split rock with the punch line inside. Team rate is $15 (individuals $10). Refreshments and all materials are included. Call artist Diane at 707-664-8656 to register.

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Plants Rock !
by diane on 

Spending a few hours in the company of plants has a way of setting the world right, because plants actually know you're there and give off positive energy.


After a while, you find yourself pinching off dead leaves and saying, "Now, doesn't that look better?" And you feel like the plant knows you care - and appreciates you. And you feel good.

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Website Launch
by artful on 

Our new website is ready to launch and we are letting our friends know to get listed in our resource directory. Click here to add your website

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Holiday Gifts and Center Pieces now for sale
by artful on 

Stop by our Gift shop for these arragments now on sale:

We have wreaths!



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